Creating the News

“And we are live at the JMSC studio…”


Photo by Therese Enriquez Reyes

In the Broadcast Journalism class at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre,students were giving the opportunity to experience a glimpse into work of a news anchor. After spending nearly 8 weeks of learning the right way of how to struct proper radio and tv broadcast scrips it was finally time for us to put all that we had learnt into practice.

This was the very first time that all of us students were in an “anchors” chair and the feeling was indescribable. Every day we watch amazing anchors such as Christine Amanpour, Isha Sesay and Kristie Lu Stout conquer these roles with grace, elegance, pose and confidence so just being able to be in front of a camera and read the news on the screen was confirmed my love and passion for journalism.

I am proud to be a journalist in training.